Superior Broom Australasia


Superior Broom Australasia offers a range of quality self-propelled road brooms to the Australasian market that include many features not found on any other side cast sweeper or street sweeper including low noise level in the cab, rear leaf spring suspension and electronic joystick controls for the remote mount hydraulic manifold, which keeps the hydraulic head and noise outside the cab.

A commitment to innovative hydraulic systems, quality and customer service are a few reasons Superior Broom has become an industry leader.

wide and fast sweeping for increased productivity

Self-propelled models offer unique productivity advantage by removing the requirement for a complimentary tow vehicle which is required in other sweeping products. The cost of a tow behind road broom combined with a tow vehicle incurs a higher operational cost than a dedicated self-propelled model, custom built for sweeping applications.

unique scraper blade and sweeper combination

This combination enables one pass sweeping with this scaper blade wind-rowing the heavy material and the sweeper with dust suppression following immediately behind. Accurate control of the broom speed enables the formation of a neat wind-row for collection and disposal.

highly configurable options AND ATTACHMENTS list

Over 100 factory fitted options available to ensure the Superior Broom product is configured to your specific application.

manufactured in the usa

The Superior Broom products are manufactured in Wichita, Kansas, USA.

Superior Broom produces 2+ machines per day and distributes globally through exclusive dealerships.