About Sewell Sweepers

Sewell Sweepers is a Tasmanian manufacturer of Tow-Behind Industrial Road Brooms. Sewell Sweepers started business in Melbourne in 1957 and was purchased by the Jayben Group and relocated to Burnie, Tasmania in 2004.

Sewell Sweepers manufacturers four different models of road brooms, which are used extensively by local municipalities, civil contractors, airports and sporting organisations. They are ideal for the cleaning of debris from road constructions, streets, runways, factories, stockyards and car parks.

The Australian-made road brooms are designed to be best in class, and to operate efficiently and safely using our 60+ years of engineering expertise.

Through customer testimonies and product follow up, we know our machines are dependable and reliable under the toughest conditions and our product support and parts availability are to the highest industry standard.