Federal Funds to Create Jayben Jobs

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A new manufacturing facility at Cooee will add up to 30 new jobs to the local economy as it ramps up production.

The Jayben Australia factory and office development project on Durham Street is a $1.2 million construction which will allow the company to manufacture a range of industrial and commercial vehicles.

Project manager Chris Johnson said the new facility will allow for the production of a new, state-of-the-art remote operated mining vehicle, as well as the company's existing range of engineering products.

"There has been four other major projects in recent years, including 250 machines we have sold which are now operating in the market," Mr Johnson said.

"It's been a ten year journey for us so far, so this is about leveraging that existing capability and product development and then growing it to build future product lines to drive future jobs and growth in the area."

Mr Johnson said the new factory will employ up to ten full time engineers, and 20 or more factory support staff.

"While the ten engineers are important jobs, the 20 plus jobs in the factory will come with that... We need a broad range of skills to be able to develop and build these things."

He said they have previously employed up to 16 engineers, but only on short term contracts.

We need a broad range of skills to be able to develop and build these things.

The facility is also purpose built for the production of Jayben's newest unmanned, remote operated vehicles, of which they will be able to make five per year.

"It allows us to build more complex products with a greater electronics capability and really to support a larger product development team."

"We just didn't have the crainage, we didn't have a high enough shed, we didn't have the real estate we needed to do this previously."

The factory's construction has been made possible by a $430,000 investment from the federal government through the Regional Jobs and Investment Program.

Tasmanian Liberal Senator Richard Colbeck said the program is giving local industry the capacity to expand their employment capabilities.

"We all know that jobs is a key element of what the local community is looking for," Senator Colbeck said.

"Once the infrastructure is available here then [Jayben] can get on with developing the projects."

Federal Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne was in town for a tour of the facility, and said she was pleased to see the investment program being used effectively.

She also said the government wanted to ensure locals have access to facilities to improve their skillset.

"I have always been of the view that government don't create jobs, businesses do."

Further details about the company's newest vehicle will be made public soon.

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